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The heart of the Utah’s Airport Community

Learn about our mission to lead and transform airport operations across Utah, our proud history of achievements, and meet the leaders who drive our organization forward. Share our journey and our commitment to the aviation community.

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Two annual conferences, bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and professionals.

Industry Advocacy

A united voice for Utah airports in regulatory and legislative matters, ensuring the industry’s interests are heard and understood.


Community Impact

Dedicated to contributing positively to the communities served by Utah airports through responsible and sustainable practices.

UAOA’s Mission

The Utah Airport Operators Association (UAOA) is a non-profit business Association.

We strive to promote aviation and airports throughout the state of Utah. To achieve this, we hold two conferences each year during the spring and fall seasons.

UAOA Conference Attendees
UAOA Conference Attendees
The purpose of these conferences is to share vital information to airports and aviation professionals throughout the state. Through these conferences, we keep our members current and informed on current industry topics, knowledge, and concerns.

We hope to provide our members with valuable insight to the aviation world, the ability to network with other professionals, and the opportunity to promote their business/company.

Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered, please contact us.

What is the purpose of UAOA?

To promote airports and aviation throughout the state of Utah.

How many airports are there in the state of Utah?

There are 46 public-use airports in Utah

Why should I become a member of UAOA?

To stay informed on current industry topics/knowledge, network, and/or promote your business.

What is the makeup of UAOA’s members?

Representatives from airports in Utah city, county, state, and federal agencies.

Representatives from FAA Northwestern Mountain Region, UDOT Aeronautics, UBAA, AOPA, AAAE, Salt Lake City Department of Airports.

Aviation consultants (engineers, architects, planners, etc), FBOs, and many other companies/organizations.

What events does UAOA hold each year?

UAOA has two conferences per year. These conferences take place in the spring and fall seasons.

How much does membership cost and how long does my membership last?

Membership is $25 for one year.

How many members does UAOA have?

Over 100 members.